Thomas Hodges 湯武士

welcome to the world of Imaginism

"You perceive what you wish to perceive, there is no truth, perhaps no reality, it is for you to decide. Let your imagination be the key to your interpretation of realism. That is Imaginism" – Thomas Hodges (湯武士)

Welcome to the world of Thomas Hodges, a renowned artist known for his unique artistic style which he has entitled "Imaginism", named after the art movement which he founded back in 2006. With a focus on the study of "Human Sexuality Across Race and Culture", Thomas provides you with a visual encounter of human sexuality across boarders, and notably the portrayal of empowered women. Working with various mediums including photography, oils, acrylics, and mixed media., explore his diverse portfolio and discover the beauty and depth of his creations.

Empowered Women

Through his art, Thomas Hodges captures the essence of empowered women. With a keen eye for detail and a unique perspective, his work celebrates the strength, beauty, and diversity of women across different cultures and races.

Exploring Human Sexuality

Delving into the often taboo subject of human sexuality, Thomas Hodges fearlessly explores its complexities and nuances. Through his art, he challenges societal norms and encourages conversations about sexuality, identity, and acceptance.

Sculptural Creations

Beyond 2D art, Thomas Hodges also showcases his talent as a sculptor. From small-scale sculptures (e.g. glass art) to large-format public installations, his sculptural creations add a three-dimensional element to his portfolio and leave a lasting impression.

thomas hodges painting
thomas hodges painting
Mediums of Expression

Thomas Hodges is a versatile artist who works with various mediums including photography, oils, acrylics, and mixed media. Each medium allows him to express his unique vision and bring his artistic concepts to life in captivating ways.

In 2006, Thomas Hodges established the art movement called "Imaginism". This movement celebrates imagination, creativity, and the power of art to challenge societal norms. Explore the works inspired by this movement and experience the world through the lens of Imaginism.

Private and Public Collections

Thomas Hodges' works have found homes in both private and public collections worldwide. His art has been appreciated and admired by art enthusiasts, collectors, and institutions, further solidifying his position as a respected and influential artist.

Imaginism Movement

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